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We are a Swiss company assessing innovation and technology with an emphasis on life science, biotech and med-tech since 2018. We alsopractice what we preach and have founded two companies (Elionova AG 2021, Chonova AG 2024). You need to turn scientific innovation into successful processes and products? We offer you an Expertinova Voucher- a one hour, free of charge time credit to present to Expertinova partners including a short, written assessment with a first, comprehensive reasoned opinion on the project or business presented.

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We offer hands-on and professional support by a team of experts to speed-up and improve our customer's path from innovation to business



Expertinova AG is pleased to announce a cooperation agreement with Maxia Strategies GmbH from Basel

Our 16 senior partners have actively and intensely collaborated in the field of promoting, evaluating, supporting and financing innovation in their function as experts and members of the former Swiss Commission of Technology and Innovation (CTI).

We come from a wide range of different academic and industrial backgrounds, among us are academic leaders in their field, serial entrepreneurs and former executives of large multinationals organizations. Our combined experiences range from Pharma, Biotech, Chemistry, Diagnostics, Agrotech, Foodtech, Medtech, Electronics, Optics and ICT to Banking/Fintech and therefore cover many areas required to develop novel products based on innovative science.

In our functions as CTI Experts and Commission Members we have evaluated, accompanied and supported more than 3'000 projects between universities and companies with about CHF 350 million of federal money over the last 10 years. We have also been involved in evaluation, coaching and supporting many Swiss Start-up companies, several of which have become success stories in the Swiss Start-up scene. In addition, we have participated as experts and panel members in many European and national funding organizations.

EXPERTINOVA is a trademark registered with the Swiss Trademark Register at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. Any unauthorized use, misuse, copying is strictly prohibited. Please be advised that Expertinova AG will enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law including criminal prosecution for serious offences.