Dr. Pascal Sieber


 ACADMIC BACKGROUND: Pascal possesses a PhD in Management Science and has been doing re-search in Switzerland, Germany, and the United States in the field of Information Science Research and Management Science. He was one of the world’s first researchers to examine the interdependence be-tween strategy, organization and information technology: these studies led to an invitation to participate at the International Conference of Information Systems Doctoral Consortium and to his being awarded the Mertens prize for the best dissertation in 1998. Pascal continues to lecture from time to time on topics of Business Administration and Information Science Research at the University of Bern. Further notable academic contributions include his founding of the Centre for Research in Electronic Commerce at the University of Bern and the Electronic Journal of Organizational Virtual-ness. He acted for many years as member of the Swiss Federal Commission for Innovation and Technology (CTI).
PROFESSIONAL FOOTPRINT: Pascal is an entrepreneur and consultant with twenty years’ experience in the field of corporate and IT strategy for clients operating in Switzerland and internationally. During the course of his business career, he has co-founded diverse start-ups and spinoffs and has been mandated with a broad range of interim management and supervisory board positions. Pascal Sieber is passionate about learning to work in different ethnic and corporate cultures and has a very strong track record based on his contributions to organizations in visionary and strategic matters as well as on his experience and capabilities in making organizations work.