Do you require a comprehensive and integrative opinion on technical innovation and business potential? Or a thorough critical revision of all your business activities? Are you facing a risk evaluation or a review of product quality? We offer you an Expertinova Voucher which will serve to find out how your need and our expertise match. The voucher is a one hour, free of charge time credit to present to Expertinova partners. The purpose of the voucher is to allow to identify common interests and objectives. An NDA may be signed ahead of the meeting if required. This first engagement with Expertinova will get you a short, written assessment/opinion on the presented subject within ten days after the meeting. The Expertinova partners are experienced in developing innovative products. We have managed a number of Start-up companies and turned them into successful SMEs (Prionics, Virtamed, Malcisbo, OphthaMetrics, Neurotune, Dr. Pascal Sieber & Partners, IMACO GmbH, Elionova...).

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