Founding Elionova AG

It is all about the team to optimize the chances of success

A good basic technology, a highly experienced and proven team and a clear focus on providing superior solutions for customers are the key ingredients to optimize the chances of success for any start-up company. This is exactly the mix of assets made available to Elionova by the Senior Partners of Expertinova.
Elionova AG was founded on Sept. 25th, 2020 and is managed and build-up by a highly experienced team consisting of six to eight Senior Partners of Expertinova. In this way, we expect to be able to rapidly develop the available innovative diagnostic technology to maturity and establish Elionova as an important player in the field of rapid and highly accurate and sensitive point-of-care diagnostics for animal and human use.
The Evanescence Biosensor Technology available to Elionova combines the strengths of ELISA and rapid lateral flow test platforms. The optical and immunological technology used is similar to the ELISA technology commonly used in diagnostic laboratories but has important advantages. It is an extremely sensitive, one-step assay to which only the test sample must be added. Quantitative results are available within 10 minutes and the tests can be performed in any doctor’s or veterinary’s office or pharmacy or even in the field using portable equipment. Originally the technology was developed by Leuze and Diamed but has not yet reached the level of maturity and reliability required for large scale commercial use. Elionova believes it has the skills and means to do exactly that, rapidly and efficiently.
We believe that the TEAM is the most important factor for the success of Elionova. Expertinova provides a strong and multi-disciplinary team with complementary skills in the required working areas to Elionova. The team members were recruited from Expertinova Senior Partners. Expertinova can rapidly make additional experienced personnel available to Elionova when needed.
The approach of Expertinova to identify and validate innovative technologies primarily in the field of Life Sciences, Medtech and Information Technologies which have the potential to be rapidly developed into superior products for new and existing markets. If considered sufficiently promising, Expertinova is prepared to hands-on develop the technology into superior products for interesting markets. Our Senior Partners can provide all the experienced personnel initially required to set-up, manage and develop the company. We can do this alone using a promising technology as in the case of Elionova, and later involve and train the young scientists and entrepreneurs that should take-over the responsibility to further develop the company from us. Alternatively, we team-up from the beginning with one or more young scientists and entrepreneurs to develop their original technology into marketable products and build-up the company. We then complement their team and train the young entrepreneurs on-the-job to take over as soon as they have reached a superior level of proficiency.
Expertinova is a knowledge venture fund providing essential skills and experience to train young scientists and entrepreneurs on-the-job to become successful with their own innovative business ideas. We, thus, train and develop scientists and entrepreneurs and simultaneously promote and accelerate the development of innovative technologies into successful products on the market.